When should you schedule your maternity and newborn sessions?

Session schedules are often booked 1-2 month in advance, please keep that in mind when booking your session. Maternity sessions usually take place between 32-36 weeks. Newborns should be photographed within the first 10 days of life, with 5-8 days being the magic time. Feeding schedule is usually well established at this point, but your baby will still retain that sweet, sleepy, and curly state, which is unique to a newborn. Newborn sessions generally last 4-8 hours to allow for feeding and changing.

What if your baby is older than three weeks, what’s the next best age to capture?

Once babies reach about the three week mark they become less sleepy and are not as flexible, so we are usually not able to capture the sleepy, curly, peaceful newborn poses. I would recommend for parents to wait until the baby is able to push up on their tummy with steady head (about 4 months) or until the baby can sit unassisted (around 6 months). At these ages babies smile more, respond to sounds, have more neck control, and have reached physical milestones more conductive to a portrait session.

What it the turn around time for clients to view their full galleries?

On average, my turn around time for clients to view their full galleries is 3-4 weeks. I put my heart and soul into the images I produce so that they are every bit as beautiful and magical as my clients hope for.

Is it okay for me to take pictures during the session?

I request that you leave the picture taking to the professional. Having an additional camera in the studio can distract me from the true focus of the session: your baby.  I request that you respect my artistic set-ups by leaving your camera at home.

I look forward to working with you,