Twins Are Brewing: Baby Shower @ McClay Mansion for Beck and Brooks

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower for Sarah and Jacob. The party was held at the beautiful McClay Mansion in St. Charles, MO. Sarah and Jacob were so excited when they first found out that they were expecting twin baby boys! They ran with the theme of  “The Twins Are Brewing” for the twins shower invites.

McClay Mansion in St. Charles, MO

So, here’s the fun part, the photos! I loved all the details! Here’s a little documentation of our day…

The first time I met Sarah, I was instantly struck by her charming personality. So loving, sweet, sincere and funny! She’s one of those people you truly just ENJOY being around. She’s the type of person who can help you light that true passion you wish to seek in your life, so positive and upbeat. Anyone who knows her, knows exactly what I’m talking about! Being apart of this party to capture these special moments for Sarah and Jacob brought so much happiness! They are thrilled for the arrival of Beck and Brooks! They are precious baby boys!