What to expect: before, during and after!

Before your session

We want to take the time to thank you for choosing us to be your photographer. We want you to have a simple and easy start when booking your session. Your session is unique. Once we receive your session inquiry we will then send a email confirming your session where we will then discuss availability for dates & times as well as locations. The location can be almost anywhere such as a studio, local park or nearby field. We might ask a few questions to better get to know “you” and what you are looking to get out of your session such as if you prefer posed or more candid shots. Some clients prefer black and white images where as others may want rich and vibrant colors. These small details may not seem like vital information but trust us, it is!


During your session

We want our clients to be comfortable at the time of your session. Don’t stress if you are not sure as what to wear at your session, just contact me. I’m here to help you! It’s our job to capture the moments in time and provide our clients with special memorable images to the best of our ability. We will arrive at the session location early and will have everything ready and prepared for the moment you arrive on seen. Relaxing, easy, and fun is the key when photographing little ones. If we finish up your session a little early or later than planned, it’s fine! We want to make sure we get “the shot”. {parents are encouraged to bring childs favorite toy or treat}


After your session

Don’t worry you won’t have to contact us over and over again asking when your images will be ready. After we receive a signed photo release form we will then post a sneak peak on our facebook page within 3-5 business days. You can expect your finished private online gallery to be complete within 2-3 weeks. Sometimes we get these up and running sooner than 2 weeks especially if your session was a mini session with only 5-7 images. Please do understand editing your images to the best, does take time approx 20 minutes for each image. We spend as much time on the editing process as needed to insure we have delivered the very best end product to our clients. Once you approve the proof images we will re-upload with the final images. You’ll be able to instantly download your images and make additional purchases, if you like. Please note this is a password protected gallery, the only people who will be able to see the images are those you give the link and password to. After your private gallery is up and running you will receive a email containing your custom login & password information. Want a image in black and white? We will glady make this change for $25.00 per image requested. Your private gallery will be active up to 60 days from originally activated (email sent). We keep all edited images in our system for up to 3 months for standard sessions and up to 1 year for all weddings, in case you wish to order additional prints or la carte products. Thereafter the images are archived (images take up a lot of space so with our client growth we need the space).


*if you have any questions about what to where to your session please, please, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I AM here to help you not only as your photographer but as a friend. Contact me [email protected]